Family Daily Cruise

Join us in an amazing memorable daily family cruise. Spend hours in the sun and enjoy swimming, eating and dancing during the trip. Beginning point the small port of Sarti. The captain with the boat "Katerina-Anestis" along with the crew are welcoming you.

Culture Theme Park

One the basic attraction of the project will be the build up of the first big and well organized Culture Theme Park for the Greek Ancient History to be presented in the world. The Theme Park will demonstrate the way of life of Ancient Greeks, the myths, the philosophers, the heroes and the famous fights.

Seaplane Air Panoramic View

The company will also build up, near to the project, a new seaplane port to connect it with the airport of Thessaloniki but also to organize daily flights over the Greek islands and Mount Athos. Hellenic Seaplanes S.A. will be the partner of the company to plan and operate the port.

Visit Of Cave Of Petralona

Petralona cave is located in the village of Petralona in the prefecture of Halkidiki. It has been open in 1979 and thus discovered the traces of the habitation of Archangels about 700,000 years old, according to the estimates of the oldest European ancestors that have been found.

Submarine Fun Daily Cruise

With   Submarines fun cruise, you explore depths of Aegean Sea waters 100 feet below the surface and swim amidst schools of beautiful fish in the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarine. It is battery powered, emit no pollutants, and quietly move in water.

Traditional Dance Festival

The purpose of the festivals is to strengthen relations between dance groups and achieve better communication between people involved in tradition and culture. The hotel quests can also participate to such activities to be familiar with Greek tradition and history of THE place.

Archeological Museum

The Museum collections include numerous artefacts dating from the Prehistoric era to the end of antiquity. They come from excavations conducted throughout Macedonia since 1912, along with handed-in antiquities. The Museum is a space of culture and learning, open for everyone.

Hiking & Eco Activities

The rich vegetation of the area of venue and the morphology of the ground will also allow the creation of nature trails where the project customers and tourists in general in the area can explore and enjoy. Hiking Tourism is a promising sector in combination with eco-activities.

Enetertainment Activities

Due to the high occupancy of the project in the area, entertainment facilities are needed for younger customers especially in the night (bars, pubs, disco, music halls, etc) and in places that will not cause inconvenience in general. The project will also organize wedding events.