The Company is willing starting from construction period and continuing in the operational period to apply and receive the following certifications needed for a new and modern project. The certifications below will demonstrate the passion of the Company to build up a ''Green Project'' protecting thus the environment, the local society and the quests as well. Besides, the Company is ready to organize alternative forms of tourism that can be developed because of the climate, the geographical position and the characteristics of the ground.

Greek Tourism Confederation

SETE aims constantly at boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role or tourism in the Greek economy. It is the representative for unions of tourism enterprises in Greece, as well as independent companies operating across the broader tourism sector.

Eco – Lebel For Tourism

Green Key is an Eco-Label for tourism, used as a quality label for tourism venues. The interest tourism operators have to respect some eco-related conditions, and as a reward, they are entitled to use the eco-label as part of the marketing activity of their company.

Green Buildings Certification

Green buildings can be certified by TÜV HELLAS S.A. that has been operating in Greece as a full member of the German Inspection and Certification Body TÜV NORD Group. It is a team of well trained and certified staff, together with a network of significant strategic alliances.

Bike Friendly Hotels

It is the opportunity to experience the benefits of cycling tourism in Greece, the certified Bike Friendly Hotels and the certified Bike Friendly Partners. They will get to know the bike routes throughout the country, the criteria they meet and the services provided.

Greek Medical Tourism Council

The main purpose of the council is, to promote health tourism in Greece and cooperate with respective international organizations on global issues related to medical tourism. This can be achieved by offering the know-how and tailor-made training to interested Greek hotels.

Agro – Tourism Lebel

Guest Inn, is the first Greek network of selected traditional and agro-tourism accommodations that meet certain quality criteria, established in 2004 and aim to those looking for authentic holidays in continental Greece, islands, mountains, beaches and countryside.

Hikers Friendly

Hikers Friendly is a certification for services related to hiking activities. It is currently available only for hotels, but it will soon be open for other sectors. It has been developed by the Social Co-operative Paths of Greece, in collaboration with Green Evolution. 

Blue Flag Eu -Certification

In order to qualify hotels for this prestigious award, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety-related and access-related criteria must be met and maintained to demonstrate clean and crystal beaches for use of the tourist quests.

Organic Products Certification

BIOHellas develops with integrity and credibility in the field of organic products certification providing reliable services aiming to the protection of the consumer and the environment as well as to the improvement of foods and other agricultural products’ quality.