Chalkidiki Prefecture

This is how Chalkidiki looks like from air. Undoubtedly, it is a blessed place, combining intense nightlife, cosmopolitan environment and the peacefulness of nature, not to mention the endless beaches and crystal green-blue seas, making it a secret paradise.

The visitor of Chalkidiki has a wide range of options at a daily base, thanks to the large variety of entertainment solutions, organized excursions, special trekking paths, sightseeing in archeological sites and traditional villages, as well as a large number of cultural events taking place all summer long.

At the same time, Chalkidiki also offers its “cosmopolitan” side, with hundreds of clubs, beach and night bars, which, combined with the picturesque and peaceful landscape and natural beauty, create a “different Chalkidiki”, attractive to all tastes and all ages.

Sarti Village

Sarti Village belongs to the municipality of Sithonia, which is located around 140 km from Thessaloniki, at the east side of the Sithonia peninsula that reaches into the Aegean Sea. Sarti is awarded by the Blue Flag, and it is proud to obtain one every year for its clean beach and sea.

Sarti’s beaches are incredible to say at least with crystal-clean water and are considered one of the best in Greece. It also has one of the largest beaches of Sithonia. The view of Mount Athos and the glorious sunrise creates a picture that certainly is one to never be forgotten.

Sarti has all thinks needed for an ideal holiday: reliable hospitality services, wonderful beaches, night life, historical monuments and welcoming people. Sarti is holiday resort that combines the beauty of mountains and sea, white sandy beaches and secluded coves that enchant the visitor, leaving him with unforgettable memories.

Achlada Bay

Get away from it all vacation at our intimate resort on Sarti’s breathtaking Aegean coastline! Relax, indulge your senses, and clear your mind, amid a stunningly beautiful natural setting that combines sea and mountains. Where desire meets the dream and holidays become a real and novel experience lies in Achlada bay with aroud 274 bright sunlight days per year!

The place of venue in Achlada Bay is facing also the Mount Athos, the highest point of the third peninsula of the prefecture. The Mount Athos is considered amongst the top cultural destination in Greece for local but also international tourists, especially for the Orthodox population worldwide. Therefore, Mount Athos is a unique advantage for the resort.


The beaches also around Sarti are without a doubt incomparable. Characterized by fine white sand, and crystal-clear turquoise waters, any beach of Sarti will be a magical experience. There is always something here for everybody, for every taste! If you want seclusion, the moths May and October bring few tourists, so most beaches are almost empty.

Even in the busier months you can still find an isolated cove. The exquisite beach of Kavourotripes (Orange beach) is a must see, often described as Heaven on Earth. There are pine trees almost reaching down to the water, and on the grey rock formations of this cove you will admire the lying mermaid carved onto them. The place is protected by natura 2000.